Φ + 1 = Φ² 0 Take advantage of another brain

Brain for hire

Brain to Brain Interface withtout any surgical process

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Neuronal Mercenary

Explore new bioneuronal paths using other brain path for your project

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Brains For Hire, Brain Storming, Brain Juice, Second Brain. Pick One !
We provide your team with additional bioneuronal paths.

Neuronal Mercenary

A mercenary is an outsourced element. An outsider, here to assist your existing team.
A neuronal mercenary will provide your team with additional bioneuronal paths.
Order a merc and obtain out of the box tailored solutions.

Grey Matter Amplifier

The grey matter processes information in the brain and enables individuals to control movement, memory, and emotions.
Get more grey matter concentration for a day, a week or a month !

Brain Juice

Brain Juice by INKREASHUN is a fresh, humanly extracted brain juice perfectly adapted to answer your inner challenge.
Never had one ? Don't know your favorite flavour ?
We will made you one specially for you.

Another Brain

Your brain cavity is reaching the limit, rent a new room fully equipped.
When you can't buy another brain, just rent one !